Garage doors are one of those household items you take for granted. They open, they close, and they protect your garage. You probably don’t even really notice them in the course of your day until they stop working. For things that only have one purpose, they certainly can find an awful lot of ways to go wrong. Here are the 7 most common problems you can have with them:

1. The garage door won’t open. Nothing is more frustrating than coming home after a long day from work, driving up to the garage, hitting the open button and…nothing. It’s even worse in the morning, with the car inside the garage and the door won’t budge. The most probable culprit when this happens is that there’s something wrong with the plug.

2. The door is uneven. When the door opens or closes at a slant there’s probably something wrong with the springs. But knowing what the problem is doesn’t make it any more pleasant when it happens. Driving under a garage door where one side is uneven with the other always feels precarious and the last thing you want is to have it come down and hit your car.

garage door problems

3. The door reverses. This can happen in a number of ways. Sometimes it opens or closes all the way before immediately reversing, or sometimes it will only get part way down before heading back up again. Either way, it’s a pain as you watch it, hoping that this time it’s not going to act up. Sometimes this is caused by a pulley being worn out or the track being bent or possibly the close limit switch needing adjusting. Whatever causes it, it may be the most annoying problem that can affect your garage.

4. Door moves slowly. So you’ve had that long day at the office. You’re exhausted. You had to run to the store for groceries and it’s just started to rain. All you want is to get home and relax. Instead, you have to watch as your door slowly inches up at the rate of a snail. This problem is usually caused by a torn spring and it’s one you want to get fixed as soon as possible because you just know it’s going to wear out your patience very quickly and you’re going to need all the patience you have for the next problem.

5. The door won’t close all the way. That last inch apparently doesn’t seem very important to your garage door because it’s stopping early every time. It’s good to check if this happens when you try to close it manually but there might be something wrong with the close limit switch.

fixing a garage door opener

6. The door won’t open all the way. It might be the least annoying of all the problems as long as the door opens enough to let your car in and out. But after a month of seeing that door only open part way, you’ll be annoyed enough to still want to fix it.

7.The motor keeps running. The door opens perfectly and closes perfectly. It doesn’t stall and it’s completely even. But the motor keeps running. The limit switch probably needs to be moved, unless you want to go to sleep tonight to the sweet sounds of your garage door’s motor.